Reserve Materials

Reserve material request form


Reserve materials have been selected by faculty members to support their educational programmes and are available for student use under special conditions.

In addition to the printed materials, electronic copies of these works are available though the online catalogue, within the restrictions of copyright regulations.

B. The E-Reserve Collection, without violating copyright laws, includes;

  1. Single chapters of books,
  2. Single articles from one issue of a journal,
  3. Class summaries, notes, tests, presentations and similar materials prepared by teachers,
  4. Illustrations, maps, drawings, etc. from any publication.
  5. Regarding the resources other than the above stated ones: Copyright permission must be obtained before any other type of information source can be made available electronically. In accordance with the law, full bibliographic details must be provided for electronic copies. At the end of each academic term, such materials are removed from the reserve collection.
  6. Materials on e-reserve may only be used by members of ITU .

C. Reserve Collection:

  • Printed and electronic materials recommended by teachers, already in the library,
  • Class notes,
  • Materials from teachers' personal collections,
  • Problem solving books,
  • Exam test books,
  • Journal articles,
  • Chapters of books,
  • Student projects (with the permission of the student and recommendation of the teacher),
  • Audio-visual materials and other items contributing to classes are included.
  • Reserve materials may be viewed on the library's website: according to the name of the teacher and of the class.

D. Placing materials on reserve:

For faculty members

  1. Faculty members should complete the "Class materials request form" (link verilmeli) and submit it to the Mustafa İnan Library Circulation Department two weeks before the start of the semester, in the case of books already owned by the library; two months before the start of the semester for books not in the collection.
  2. Requests for basic textbooks to be put on reserve should be approved by the department head.
  3. The number of copies of basic textbooks to be put on reserve will be determined by the library according to the type of class, the number of students and the frequency of use, following the recommendation of the faculty member.
  4. . Faculty members can place the course materials in the Reserve Collections. These items are returned to the concerned faculty in the end of the semestre. The Library cannot be held resposible for the lost items.
  5. E-reserves are composed of e-resources which are placed by the faculty members in line ith the copyright regulations as welll as the e-rsources of the Library. E-resources are available for only ITU members. In the end of semestre, the e-reources will be removed.
  6. Maximum number of course materials to be placed as e-reserve is as follows:

          a) For the courses conducted in Turkish:
                (1) 1 compulsory course material
                (2) 15 complementary course material

          b) For the courses conducted in English:
                (1) 1 compulsory course material
                (2) 15 complementary course material

E. Borrowing reserve materials:

  1. Reserve materials can be borrowed for 2 hours, for a night and for 1 day.
  2. Academic staff can borrow reserve materials during the whole semestre on the condition that the item is used as a course material.
  3. Reserve materials which are borrowed for a night must be returned when the library opens.
  4. Course notes and special copies cannot be borrowed for a night.
  5. No renewals are made for course materials.
  6. ITU Library administration reserves the right to change loan durations of the reserve materials.
  7. The users will pay 50KR per hour for each late returned reserve materials.
  8. The users; who returned the course materials late for 3 times, will not be able to borrow course materials for 1 term.


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