Standarts Request Form

A. Standards which may be requested by e-mail are listed below:

TSE Turkish Standards Institution

The Standard Request Form must be completed in order to make use of these standards. The subscribed e-standard list can be accessed by selecting the Publication Type as "Standards" in the left menu on the Databases page:
Your name and e-mail address will be stored for future requests and therefore must always be entered in the same way, paying attention to capital letters. In case you forget the details you entered previously, you may learn them by e-mail from library-it[AT] or by telephone from 285 3013 (extension 4110 or 4121).

  • Only ITU members can benefit from the standards.
  • The requested standard number and name must be written on the form of Standard Request.
  • The requests will be replied in 3 days due to the heavy work load of the Library and will be sent by e-mail.
  • The user should state her/his e-mail in the request form, otherwise s/he cannot benefit from the service of standards.
  • The users can make maximum number of 3 requests per day.
  • The maximum number of requests per month is as follows:
Patron Type Max. # of requests per month
Academic Staff 40
Administrative Staff 30
Graduate Students 30
Undergraduate Students 20

B. You can reach printed standarts list in library collection with call number and bibliographic data via this link

C. You can reach subscribed and free online standarts list via this link